7 September, 2020


GT – Soft Computing Applications

ID Title Authors
76 Advanced Oversampling for Improved Detection of Software Anomalies in a Robot Nuño Basurto, Michal Wozniak, Carlos Cambra and Álvaro Herrero
73 A preliminary study for automatic activity labelling on an elder people ADL dataset Enrique De La Cal Marín, Mirko Fáñez Kertelj, Alvaro Da Silva, José Ramón Villar, Javier Sedano and Víctor Gonzalez
22 How Noisy and Missing Context Influences Predictions in a Practical Context-Aware Data Mining System Anca Avram, Oliviu Matei, Camelia-M. Pintea, Petrica Pop and Carmen Ana Anton
75 Small-wind turbine power generation prediction from atmospheric variables based on intelligent techniques Bruno Baruque, Esteban Jove, Santiago Porras and Jose Luis Calvo-Rolle
54 Supported Decision-Making by Explainable Predictions of Ship Trajectories Nadia Burkart, Marco Huber and Mathias Anneken
68 A Natural Language Processing approach to represent maps from their description in natural language Silvia Barbero, David Griol and Zoraida Callejas

GT – Artificial Neural Networks

ID Title Authors
9 A Smart Crutch Tip for Monitoring the Activities of Daily Living Based on a Novel Neural-Network Intelligent Classifier Asier Brull, Asier Zubizarreta, Itziar Cabanes, Jon Torres-Unda and Ana Rodriguez-Larrad
95 Hourly Air Quality Index (AQI) forecasting using Machine Learning methods José Antonio Moscoso-López, Daniel Urda, Javier González-Enrique, Juan Jesús Ruiz-Aguilar and Ignacio J. Turias
18 Interpretable Deep Learning with Hybrid Autoencoder to Predict Electric Energy Consumption Jin-Young Kim and Sung-Bae Cho
20 On the performance of deep learning models for time series classification in streaming Pedro Lara-Benítez, Manuel Carranza-García, Francisco Martínez-Álvarez and José C. Riquelme
88 An approach to forecasting and filtering noise in dynamic systems using LSTM architectures Juan Pedro Llerena Caña, Jesús García Herrero and José Manuel Molina López
48 Novel Approach for Person Detection Based on Image Segmentation Neural Network Dominik Stursa, Bruno Baruque and Petr Dolezel
45 An Adaptive Cognitive Model to Integrate Machine Learning and Visual Streaming Data Esteban García-Cuesta, José M. López López, Daniel Gómez Vergel and Javier Huertas Tato
14 Smart song equalization based on the classification of musical genres Miguel Angel Patricio, Jesús Iriz, Jose M. Molina and Antonio Berlanga

GT – Evolutionary Computation

ID Title Authors
2 A Novel Formulation for the Energy Storage Scheduling Problem in Solar Self-consumption Systems Iciar Llorens, Ricardo Alonso, Sergio Gil-Lopez, Sandra Riaño and Javier Del Ser
57 A Behavioural Study of the Crossover Operator in Diploid Genetic Algorithms Adrian Petrovan, Oliviu Matei and Rudolf Erdei
71 Parallel differential evolution with variable population size for global optimization Iztok Fister, Andres Iglesias, Akemi Galvez-Tomida, Dušan Fister and Iztok Fister Jr.
56 A preliminary many objective approach for extracting fuzzy emerging patterns Angel Miguel Garcia-Vico, Cristobal J. Carmona, Pedro Gonzalez and Maria Jose Del Jesus

Special Session: Contributions of Soft Computing to Precision Agriculture

ID Title Authors
3 Machine Learning in Classification of the Wax Structure of Breathing Openings on Leaves Affected by Air Pollution Ales Prochazka, Martina Mudrova, Pavel Cejnar and Jan Mares
4 Software Sensors for the Monitoring of Bioprocesses Pavel Hrncirik
8 RGB Images Driven Recognition of Grapevine Varieties Pavel Škrabánek, Petr Doležel, Radomil Matoušek and Petr Junek
15 Discovering spatio-temporal patterns in precision agriculture based on triclustering Laura Melgar-García, Maria Teresa Godinho, Rita Espada, David Gutiérrez-Avilés, Isabel Sofia Brito, Francisco Martínez-Álvarez, Alicia Troncoso and Cristina Rubio-Escudero
21 Counting Livestock with Image Segmentation Neural Network Petr Dolezel, Dominik Stursa, Danie Honc, Jan Merta, Veronika Rozsivalova, Ladislav Beran and Ivo Hora
24 Smart, Precision or Digital Agriculture and Farming – Current State of Technology Daniel Honc and Jan Merta
29 An Automated Platform for Microrobot Manipulation Jan Vrba, Charlie Maslen, Ivan Rehor and Jan Mares
63 Growth models of female dairy cattle Jaroslav Marek, Alena Pozdílková and Libor Kupka
93 A preliminary study on crop classification with unsupervised algorithms for time series on images with olive trees and cereal crops Antonio Jesús Rivera Rivas, María Dolores Pérez Godoy, David Elizondo, Lipika Deka and Maria Jose Del Jesus

Special Session: Soft Computing Methods in Manufacturing and Management Systems

ID Title Authors
32 Blocks of jobs for solving two-machine flow shop problem with normal distributed processing times Wojciech Bozejko, Pawel Rajba and Mieczyslaw Wodecki
41 Soft computing analysis of pressure decay leak test detection Ander Garcia, Juan Luis Ferrando, Ander Arbelaiz, Xabier Oregui, Andoni Bilbao and Zelmar Etxegoien
43 Fuzzy FMEA application to risk assessment of quality control process Dagmara Łapczyńska and Anna Burduk
79 Similarity of parts determined by semantic networks as the basis for manufacturing cost estimation Grzegorz Ćwikła and Krzysztof Bańczyk
81 A Simulated Annealing based method for sequencing problem in mixed model assembly lines Damian Krenczyk and Karol Dziki
84 The concept of genetic algorithm for scheduling operations with multi-resource requirements Iwona Paprocka, Krzysztof Kalinowski and Barbara Balon

Special Session: Soft Computing Applications for the Management of Industrial and Environmental Enterprises

ID Title Authors
39 Comparative analysis of clustering techniques for a hybrid model implementation Maria Teresa Garcia-Ordas, Hector Alaiz-Moreton, Jose-Luis Casteleiro-Roca, Esteban Jove, Jose Alberto Benítez Andrades, Isaías García-Rodríguez, Hector Quintian and Jose Luis Calvo Rolle
42 Data Balancing to Improve Prediction of Project Success in the Telecom Sector Nuño Basurto, Alfredo Jiménez, Secil Bayraktar and Álvaro Herrero
65 Demand control ventilation strategy by tracing the radon concentration in smart buildings Roberto Casado-Vara, David Garcia-Retuerta, Álvaro Bartolomé, Esteban Jove, Jose Luis Calvo-Rolle, Angel Martín Del Rey and Juan Corchado
92 Implementation of a Statistical Dialogue Manager for commercial conversational systems Pablo Cañas and David Griol

Special Session: Optimization, Modeling and Control by Soft Computing Techniques (OMCS)

ID Title Authors
26 Wind Turbine Pitch Control with an RBF Neural Network Jesus Enrique Sierra Garcia and Matilde Santos
37 MIMO neural models for a Twin-Rotor platform: Comparison between mathematical simulations and real experiments Kerman Viana, Mikel Larrea, Eloy Irigoyen, Mikel Diez and Asier Zubizarreta
40 Fuzzy-logic based identification of conventional two-lane roads Felipe Barreno, Matilde Santos and Manuel Romana
61 Swarm Modelling Considering Autonomous Vehicles for Traffic Jam Assist Simulation Javier Echeto, Manuel Romana and Matilde Santos

Special Session: Soft Computing and machine learning in non-linear dynamical systems and fluid dynamics: new methods and applications

ID Title Authors
12 Exploring datasets to solve partial differential equations with Tensorfow Florentino Borondo, Oscar Borzdynski and Jezabel Curbelo
28 Modeling double concentric jets using linear and non-linear approaches Juan Ángel Martín, Adrián Corrochano, Javier Sierra, David Fabre and Soledad Le Clainche
30 Unsupervised data analysis of Direct Numerical Simulation of a turbulent flame via Local Principal Component Analysis and Procustes Analysis Giuseppe D’Alessio, Antonio Attili, Alberto Cuoci, Heinz Pitsch and Alessandro Parente
59 HODMD analysis in a forced flow over a backward-facing step by harmonic perturbations Jose Miguel Perez Perez, Soledad Le Clainche Martinez and Jose Manuel Vega de Prada
66 An application of Variational Mode Decomposition in simulated flight test data Carlos Mendez
74 Following vortexes in turbulent channel flows Jose Aguilar-Fuertes, Francisco Noguero-Rodríguez, Jose Jaen-Ruiz, Luis García-Raffi and Sergio Hoyas

Special Session: Soft Computing Techniques and Applications in Logistics and Transportation Systems

ID Title Authors
23 Stable Performance Under Sensor Failure of Local Positioning Systems Javier Díez-González, Rubén Álvarez, Paula Verde, Rubén Ferrero-Guillén, David González-Bárcena and Hilde Perez
47 Solving the two-stage supply chain network design problem with risk-pooling and lead times by an efficient genetic algorithm Ovidiu Cosma, Petrica Pop and Cosmin Sabo
58 Genetic Algorithm Optimization Of Lift Distribution in Subsonic Low-Range Designs Rubén Ferrero-Guillén, Rubén Álvarez, Javier Díez-González, Álvaro Sánchez-Fernández and Hilde Perez
70 Hybrid Genetic Algorithms and Tour Construction and Improvement Algorithms Used for Optimizing the Traveling Salesman Problem Vladimir Ilin, Dragan Simic, Svetislav Simic and Svetlana Simic
89 Segmentation optimization in trajectory-based ship classification Daniel Amigo, David Sánchez Pedroche, Jesús García and José Manuel Molina
78 Bio-Inspired System for MRP Production and Delivery Planning in Automotive Industry Dragan Simić, Vasa Svirčević, José Luis Calvo-Rolle, Vladimir Ilin, Svetislav D. Simić and Svetlana Simić

Special Session: Soft Computing and Machine Learning in IoT, Big Data and Cyber Physical Systems

ID Title Authors
34 Time Series data augmentation and dropout roles in Deep Learning applied to Fall Detection Enol García, José Ramón Villar and Enrique De La Cal Marín
35 A comparison of Multivariate Time Series clustering methods Iago Vázquez, José Ramón Villar, Javier Sedano and Svetlana Simic
36 Synthesized A* multi-robot path planning in an indoor smart lab using distributed Cloud computing Morteza Kiadi, José Ramón Villar and Qing Tan
69 Towards Fog-based HiTLCPS for Human Robot Interactions in Smart Lab: Use Cases and Architecture Behzad Karim, Qing Tan and Juan Carlos Alvarez
77 Neural Models to Predict Irrigation Needs of a Potato Plantation Mercedes Yartu, Carlos Cambra, Milagros Navarro, Carlos Rad, Ángel Arroyo and Álvaro Herrero

Special Session: Soft Computing applied to robotics and autonomous vehicles

ID Title Authors
7 Mathematical Modelling for Performance Evaluation using Velocity Control for Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Khayyam Masood, Matteo Zoppi and Rezia Molfino
10 A relative positioning development for an Autonomous Mobile Robot with a linear regression technique Daniel Teso-Fz-Betoño, Ekaitz Zulueta, Ander Sánchez-Chica, Unai Fernandez-Gamiz, Irantzu Uriarte and Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede
16 Generating 2.5D Photorealistic Synthetic Datasets for Training Machine Vision Algorithms Georgia Peleka, Ioannis Mariolis and Dimitrios Tzovaras
46 Control of Industrial AGV Based on Reinforcement Learning Jesus Enrique Sierra Garcia and Matilde Santos
52 Shared Control Framework and Application for European Research Projects Mauricio Marcano, Sergio Díaz, Myriam Vaca, Joshue Pérez and Eloy Irigoyen
62 A first approach to path planning coverage with multi-UAVs Alfredo Pintado and Matilde Santos

Special Session: Soft Computing for forecasting Industrial Time Series

ID Title Authors
1 Copper price time series forecast by means of artificial neural networks with optimized input neuron Gregorio Fidalgo Valverde, Alicja Krzemien, Pedro Riesgo Fernández, Francisco Javier Iglesias Rodríguez and Ana Suárez Sánchez
5 A multivariate approach to time series forecasting of copper prices with the help of multiple imputation by chained equations and multivariate adaptive regression splines Fernando Sanchez Lasheras, Javier Gracia Rodríguez, Paulino José García Nieto, Esperanza García Gonzalo and Gregorio Fidalgo Valverde
6 Time series analysis for the COMEX copper spot price by using support vector regression Esperanza García-Gonzalo, Paulino José García Nieto, Javier Gracia Rodríguez, Fernando Sanchez Lasheras and Gregorio Fidalgo-Valverde
91 Uncertainty propagation using Hybrid methods Juan Félix San-Juan, Montserrat San-Martín, Iván Pérez, Rosario López, Edna Viviana Segura and Hans Mauricio Carrillo

Special Session: Machine Learning in Computer Vision

ID Title Authors
50 Multidimensional measurement of virtual human bodies acquired with depth sensors Andrés Fuster-Guilló, Jorge Azorín-López, Juan Miguel Castillo-Zaragoza, Cayetano Manchón-Pernis, Luis Fernando Pérez-Pérez and Ana Zaragoza-Martí
53 Event-based conceptual architecture for the management of cyber-physical systems tasks in real time Henry Duque-Gomez, Jose Garcia-Rodriguez and Jorge Azorin-Lopez
19 A preliminary study on deep transfer learning applied to image classification for small datasets Miguel Ángel Molina, Gualberto Asencio-Cortés, José C. Riquelme and Francisco Martínez-Álvarez
27 Burr detection using image processing in milling workpieces Virginia Riego Del Castillo, Lidia Sánchez-González, Laura Fernández-Robles and Manuel Castejón-Limas
55 A deep learning architecture for recognizing abnormal activities of groups using context and motion information Luis Felipe Borja-Borja, Jorge Azorin-Lopez and Marcelo Saval-Calvo
85 Implementation of a low-cost rain gauge with Arduino and Thingspeak Byron Guerrero Rodriguez, Jaime Salvador-Meneses and Jose Garcia-Rodriguez
72 Functional Networks for Image Segmentation of Cutaneous Lesions with Rational Curves Akemi Galvez-Tomida, Iztok Fister, Iztok Jr. Fister and Andres Iglesias Prieto
87 Manufacturing Description Language for Process Control in Industry 4.0 Mauricio-Andrés Zamora-Hernández, Jose Andrez Chaves-Ceciliano, Alonso Villalobos-Granados, John Alejandro Castro-Vargas, Jose Garcia-Rodriguez and Jorge Azorı́n-López
94 ToolSet: A Real-Synthetic Manufacturing Tools and Accessories Dataset Mauricio Andrés Zamora-Hernández, John Alejandro Castro-Vargas, Jorge Azorin-Lopez and Jose Garcia-Rodriguez

Special Session: Computational Intelligence for Laser-Based Sensing and Measurement

ID Title Authors
13 Robust 3D object detection from LiDAR point cloud data with spatial information aggregation Nerea Aranjuelo, Guus Engels, Luis Unzueta, Ignacio Arganda-Carreras, Marcos Nieto and Oihana Otaegui
25 A comparison of registration methods for SLAM with the M8 Quanergy LiDAR Marina Aguilar-Moreno and Manuel Graña
31 An application of laser measurement to on-line metal strip flatness measurement Marcos Alonso, Alberto Izaguirre, Imanol Andonegui and Manuel Graña
33 Efficiency of Public Wireless Sensors Applied To Spatial Crowd Monitoring in Buildings Anna Kamińska-Chuchmała
38 Machine learning techniques applied to biomass estimation using LiDAR data Leyre Torre-Tojal and Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede
49 Active Learning for Road Lane Landmark Inventory with Random Forest in Highly Uncontrolled LiDAR Intensity Based Image Asier Izquierdo and Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede