30 September, 2019

SS06 – Special Session on Soft Computing Techniques and Applications in Logistics and Transportation Systems


There are various areas where companies and corporations try to achieve efficient and effective cooperation in the processes of globalization. They try to manage their global corporation activities by implementing variety of Soft Computing techniques and their applications ranging from Logistics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Warehousing and Distribution Systems, Inventory Management Systems, and Global Supply Chains. On the other hand, air pollution is one of the crucial civilization problems and there could be no smart city without a reliable and an efficient Logistics and Transportation system. Considering the complexity of the problems, Soft Computing techniques and their applications may deliver the most adequate answers.


Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • New variant of the traveling salesman problem
  • Heterogeneous fleet variant as the Vehicle Routing Problem
  • Efficient and Intelligent transportation systems
  • Soft Computing in Decision Support in Logistics systems
  • Soft Computing techniques for Data Mining Logistics processes
  • Supply Chain Systems
  • Controlling, Planning, Scheduling and Logistics Execution System
  • Unmanned Transportation 
  • Techniques and Applications in Warehousing
  • Techniques and Applications Distribution Systems
  • Soft Computing Techniques and Applications in Inventory Management

Session Chairs

  • Dragan Simić, University of Novi Sad (Serbia)
  • Petrica Pop, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
  • José R. Villar, University of Oviedo (Spain)
  • Cosmin Sabo, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
  • Javier Díez, University of León (Spain)
  • Vladimir Ilin, University of Novi Sad (Serbia)


Prof. Dragan Simić

Faculty of Technical Science, Department of Transport Engineering, University of Novi Sad

Trg Dositeja Obradovića 6, 21000, Novi Sad (Serbia)

E-mail: dsimic@eunet.rs